Goal Digger


United States
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Every thing doesn’t come easy.
Everything doesn’t come cheap.
Everything won’t just be handed to you.
See if you want what I got, you got to dig for me.

You’ve got to make some sacrifices.
You’ve got to have some sleepless nights.
You even have to work some long hours.
Because obtaining me takes some will power.

I’m hard work and sometimes I’m no play.
I’m kind of like a job, but with low to no pay.
You won’t be getting a biweekly check from me.
But after all your hard work you’ll reap the benefits. That’s why you’ve got to dig for me.

Not everybody is capable of obtaining me.
Some think I’m like mission impossible.
But that’s because I’m hard work baby. I don’t come cheap.
You’ve got to work and sweat. You’ve got to dig for me.

When your shovel finally reaches me, you’ll rejoice and your face will gleam.
You’ll even be happy that you put in all that work for me.
After one taste you’ll probably dig for more because I’m addictive. You’ll see.
I’m a Goal. I don’t come easy and I don’t come cheap. But I see the Goal Digger in you so keep on digging for me.


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