Rebecca Shane

Rebecca Shane


            Riveting steel talons

            Slung over your shoulders

            Blood red blotches

            Stain your soles


            Even among time

            Patient and settle

            Beating the line

            Where fond memories fluster


            Brightened by sight

            Aged in wits glazed over wisdom

            A sweet aroma

            Punctuates the fowl air


            Elegant under starlight

            Darting like an angel

            As golden seas glitter under blue

            Luna moon


            Clustered are the lost

            Love is leached over emptiness

            Dreams cringe and bend

            But you hold the waving change


            Carved in palms

            Names as GOD

            Said once more

            Drive me and soar


            Among the clouds

            Casting hope

            Drooping tender love

            Upon the misty men and woman


            Grasped by hand

            As he guides your plan, Rebecca Shane

            Be blessed

            Upon this valentines day 


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