How could he?

How could he just break my heart and not give me a reason.

Could it be the month? or maybe the season?

How could he make me feel like I’m trash?

                                                               Like I don’t matter.            

He broke my heart and walked away;

Leaving me with nothing else to say.

How could he leave me without feeling pain?

As tears run down my face as if I were standing in rain.

He broke my heart and tried to watch me suffer

But he played me and thought I wouldn’t make it, I’m not a bluffer.

He hurt me as much as possible and said that I wouldn’t make it

He tried to take me back but I had to fake it.

Love can kill you but it can also make you stronger, it has its ups and downs

But if it’s true love the happiness will always come around.

He broke my heart and now I’m better;

Instead of sitting around writing him a four page letter.


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