Helping others to Help me


An addict, 

Thats been the lable i've worn like a badge for four years.

I can not sit here and tell you that I am remorseful of the struggles of my past ,

they've made me the person I am today.

They told me it was as easy as twelve simple steps,

but no one ever helped me.

Many others stand in this same situation,

we learn to help each other to help ourselves.

People come to me and ask for advice,

for guidence, for support.

This is when I realize that i can grow,

just by sharing my story.

Letting them see,

see how it is to come up from a low dark place.

Motivational speaking doesnt seem like a big deal to some,

but to me it could be the difference.

I can see me three years from now,

no longer worried about what people think,

because it would all be beneficial.

I would be helping others to help me.




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