Life in the eyes of me


I sleep at night
And wake in the morning
Its more of a daily routine
I hang with my friends
And never make my bed
What's the point anyways
I Talk and Talk and never shut up
I feel a need to feel the space
I see a White Blank And feel the urge to create
Something that i can call mine
I think for minutes
And Paint for hours
Everyone knows my name
Some people love me
Some people cant stand me
There's Never an in between
You're my best friend
Or you're my enemy
Which one do you want to be?
I walk around
Sometimes I fall
But its really okay I'm clumsy
Its just another bruise anyways
I have scars but that's because I'm not very careful
I don't cut or make myself bleed
And its because I'm happy
I live to see people smile
Each and Everyday
Its my main purpose in life
I hate to tell a lie
Unless it helps a person
I hate hurting peoples feelings
I have a fear of rejection
And it pains me to say no
Because I hate dishing out rejection as well
But this is me
This is who I want to be
I wouldn't want to be anybody else
Because I love who I am
And you should love who you are as well


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