I Will


I will speak of truth,

Diminishing the amount of lies that continue to consume our world.

I will forgive and forget,

Understanding that my own mistakes are equally corruptive.

I will never give up,

Knowing that nothing is impossible.

I will believe in miracles,

Recognizing the power of our mighty Father.

I will do the impossible,

Free of the restraints that suppress our hopes and dreams.

I will reach above and beyond the world’s expectations,

with a hope of acquiring ultimate success.

I will strive to achieve greatness,

Like my ancestors and all those before me.

I will seek light in a world of darkness,

With an ambition of a better, brighter tomorrow.

I will conquer my deepest, darkest fears,

Even when the world around me is crashing down.

I will soar on the wings of eagles,

Leading the way for generations to come.

I will be brave,

And I, will seize the day.


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