Thanks: An Open Letter to Everyone Who Has Wronged Me

To whom it concerns:

To everyone who has taunted and teased me:

For the color of my skin.

For the texture of my hair.

For the hardships my ancestors have unfortunately experienced.

For speaking in English and my other mother tongue.

For my intelligence.

For my eccentricity.

For my sensitivity.

For my interests.

For my feelings.

You all may not have realized it, but you’ve taught me something.

A few things, actually.

When you said I didn’t belong here,

That I would never be one of you,

You taught me spite.

Which turned into motivation.

To prove that I did.

When you teased me for being sensitive,

For “”“”fake crying”“”“,

You taught me to be stoic.

Which turned into tolerance.

When you psychologically manipulated me,

and tricked me, and toyed with my trust,

You gave me experience.

Which turned into power.

As I walk with a Black Belt in Isshinryu in one hand, and a diploma in the other,

With my head held high,

I realize that what I’ve been trying to say is

Thank you.

For showing me all I could be.

Love Always,



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Way to go! Ya no soy tu broma, soy tu encargada!

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