Definition of Human

We are defined

Not by the hearts that beat within us

Nor by the uniqueness

That makes us who we are


We are defined

By the size of our clothes

By our BMIs

By the weight of our souls


We are defined

By the length of our hair

By our love for a boy or a girl

By how comfortable we are in our skin


We are defined

By the way we walk

By the way we talk

By how well we “fit in


We are defined

By the scars of our past

By the haze of our future that has yet come to pass

By the way we spend the present


We are defined

By the skills we have

By the skills we don’t

By how well we contribute to the world


We are defined

By the music we like

By the art that inspires us

By the way we choose to dress


We are defined

By the money we make

By how soon we break

By every breath we take


We are defined

By the shape of our eyes

By the curve of our noses

By the color of our skin



It shouldn’t matter


You are Human.


Wear what you like.

Even if it’s silly.


Love who you love.

No matter what.


Be proud of where you came from.

No one knows the things you do.


Don’t worry about time

Just enjoy it.


Show off your skills.

Even if you think they’re nothing special.

They are.


Be Inspired.

To whatever beat, whatever stroke moves you.


Don’t worry about money.

It can’t buy you happiness.


Don’t listen to society.

They don’t know you.

You know you.


You are Wonderful.


You are Unique.


You are Beautiful.


You are Normal.


You are You.


You are Human.




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