I said I’d do it

They said I couldn’t

I said I’d make it

They said I wouldn’t

I gave it everything I had; ran the extra 100 miles.

I see all those people chasing their dreams

Why do my dreams always elude me?

My passion right here in my reach

My future now so clear to see

I reach then all the paths turn bleak.

Now my tears are filling up the sea.

They always said what goes around comes around.

Like a boomerang on a playing ground.

The why aren’t my efforts paying off?

I’ve lost it all I’m just left with the dust.

But I still try night after night

On my bed I still lie

Shedding tears, facing the fears I’ve had for all these years.

Getting rejected I no longer fear

My professions will take me from here.

I can’t be afraid to grow wings if I wanna fly.

I gotta man up a lot and start reaching for the skies

Cuz even they are not my limits

My talent be making me triple digits.

Why be a loner when I can be a goddess in my own right?

From this point on hear me world I ain’t giving up this fight


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