The Veldt

Thu, 09/19/2013 - 17:12 -- aimstar



The Veldt


"To play out your life in the style you want is life's greatest gift - Discovering that style you optimize on is life's greatest secret."


It's been a long while since I came to The Veldt, as we called it, and it's a pretty cool and wondrous place that you can have your imagination fulfilled to your heart's content! I came here seeking that sort of adventure and excitement from America. It's amazingly tropical, with a wondrous sky city -- It was here I came to explore life's truest calling.


A secret paradise, kept hidden and locked away from any society. A secret and magnificent place, this is what I decide I can call my home. Looking at the sky, on floating clouds, lies a runic city. The blaring light of this sun gives a soft glow, and to behold the sight catches my breath. Truly beautiful, it is a place I know is for me.


I wonder…is this what I have been hoping for all along? An adventure that would take me beyond life’s greatest troubles? Beyond worry? Beyond fear? There is nothing but a dark road ahead, but I know it is my time now, to explore that. I go forward, with my eyes to the sky.

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