Terms and Conditions

Sun, 11/17/2019 - 23:47 -- ZyXeno

Terms and Conditions.

Most people skip over this.

The words, black against white, blur by in the rush of tapping fingers

Rushing to get to something bigger 

Leaving my words in the dust like you left your agreement to the Terms. 


I’m almost like one of those,

My mind a blur of words left unheard and emotions left untouched.

If I had a “skip” button

It would be pushed.


I just know it.


There isn’t anything interesting here.

The unheard words jumbling together in a hurricane of frustration and anger as I can’t pull together the correct symbols and shapes to be able to voice my fixations and ambitions. The emotions a tsunami building up and up and up and up until they engulf the city that is my mind, buildings cracking and crumbling my eyes acting as the cracking dams to try to stop the flood.


I have so much to say but no one is there to listen. 

The world my mind has created being slowly destroyed by the division,

Cracks forming on the floors of the castles and barracks as the citizens evacuate before anything else can be said.


They don’t understand. 


The way that I sink into the shadows and get attached all too easy. 

They check “agree” before I can even open my mouth and move onto the next person. 

Maybe there are more people like me, their terms and conditions being accepted before anyone can read them, lost in the sound of their own minds and trying their best to not let the water from their own storms fall out of their eyes in front of everyone. 

Saving themselves from the embarrassment of the weakness that they have been taught was wrong.


We crumble to dust before anything else can be said.

We are sensitive and weak.

We are all wrong.

We don’t matter.


But that is the hypocrite in me speaking.


The words, black against white, blur by in the rush of tapping fingers

Rushing to get to something bigger

Leaving your words in the dust like I left my agreement to the Terms. 


I am not like everyone else in the sense that I don’t care.

I care too much.

I seek and search for these people who have had their Terms and Conditions skipped over. Every person is different in their own way so I take my time reading them.

In return, they read mine as well.


Boundaries have been set and the beginning of a new friendship has begun to sprout out of the rubble from the destroyed cities and kingdoms in my mind. 

We help each other rebuild and take resources from one another to lay down the foundation to something bigger and better as we connect our minds with a station that allows us to speak freely back and forth judgement forgotten and adjusting to this new positivity. 


We find more like us. 

Their minds shattered and their souls forgotten in the rush others have to skip over their words.

We take the time to read theirs and the cycle begins again

Giving us another station to form and bridge to build

A new friendship successfully attained.


A family has been made with us all

Misfits and outcasts in the black against white world we live in.

But none of us care what quirks we hold

As long as we have each other.


We will never skip over our Terms and Conditions

As it has happened too many times in the past.


Our voices deserve to be heard and understood.


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