I'm having these weird feelings;

For a fellow friend.

I always think about him;

Even when he's out of sight.


When he speaks to me;

It's like music to my ears.

He is like my soft blanket of snow;

And like my strong burning fire.


He's like my radiant light;

My cool drink of water.

When he smiles, it's so nice;

It's like a face of a handsome flower.


I don't know what he see's in me;

If it's bad, I'd rather not know at all.

It's really hard to face the rejection;

I just don't want to feel so small.


These feelings I have in my heart;

Makes me feel so confused.

I've been searching, there are so many parts;

Were these feelings true?


I didn't know how to explain it then;

But now I know the truth.

It's so hard just trying to deny it;

When I know I've fallen in love with you.


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