I Love You

It's in the warmth of your hands and gentleness of your embrace

that I take my home.

What I've found in you is delicate and sincere, that cannot be found in any other.

I've not only found my partner, but I've found my inspiration, guide and most

cherished best friend.

This love that I have for you is sacred and unmeasureable by any degree.



for you, it becomes something so much more.  

It is more than just a word,

It's a feeling of sublime value.


The brilliance of you lays not only in phsicality,

but also within every little frustrated sigh and bright smile of yours.

In you,

I've found strength through weakess,

health from illness,

joy from sadness

and clarity from confusion.


My Love, you have given value in all that I have done

and will continue to do.

In times of tragedity, it was you who has supported me

to help me grow and transition into all that I thought incapable of growing to be.

Fear, and insecurites no longer weigh on this heart of mine,

For now it is only filled with you.


Irrieplaceable and kind, The meaning of us surpasses any and all materialstic 

value. Your heart is safe in my hands as mine is in yours.

Spiritually, physically, emotionally,

our souls intertwine as one.

In these moments of us,

I fall deeper and deeper in love with you, my Dear.






This poem is about: 
My family


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