It happensHaha, yeah it does

It happens

Haha, yeah it does I guess

We all loose it.



I didn't believe you at first

Who would?

You're crazy

You were crazy

He is crazy


Sitting on the porch

Warning me

Of my last



Look, I have to go to work. 

I have no time for your stupidity

I walk

Away from you

Walked away from you

Away from him


I wanted to get to where I go

Where I go to work 

and beyond that



I never liked it but it suited me

That day, though

I felt expecially close to it

Feeling close to it

Close to him


The floor shook that day and we ran outside

I looked for you

Waited for you 

Wanted him


But I didn't listen

That was the last day

I saw you

Saw you

Saw him


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