The Secret Fire


There is a fire which burns in all men, oft banked by worldly care


It needs but one breath to waken its heat, a wind of holy air


On pagan altar once it burned, its all-consuming heat


Forging gods and heroes fell, and clothed them in gold sheet


Names like Mithras, Thor, and Mars did glow


 From out that grandest forge


Giving Hermes his bird-swift speed, and Frey his golden barge.


Its origin was holy, its burning heat divine


It was kindled when the light went forth


The stars and planets to shine


Aye, God Himself did light that spark which soon began to flame


That fire was Art, the heat was Joy, and Wisdom was its name


It burned and burned, till out of heat it nearly was destroyed


Till God himself rekindled it with the birth of one little boy.


He the Creator, who sparked the flame, now walked within his creation


Rekindling souls by living water, building a spiritual nation.


The flame was in men now, and could not leave, nor e’er be truly quenched


Whether he sat in darkest hovel, palace throne, or simple workman’s bench.


It’s Wisdom then that burns in men and warms the coldest heart


It melts the frost of daily care, and guides to that Art


Which teaches him Reason, Truth, and Joy, and is of Knowledge a part.


Then on that road now pushed upon, men’s feet begin to race,


As in that fire they see a glimpse of one true holy face


The face will stare at you and you will see, awakening desire


To see and serve and stand by Him, that lit that glorious fire!


“I’m coming HOME!” the man will shout, as within him burns the flame


Called Sophia, by the Greek, Paraclete, and Holy Spirit by name   


The flame burns bright! its heat burns away all the foul mire of sin


That plagues his mind and breaks his heart and darkens the man within.


So take the flame, friend, and serve the Lord, who sparked and saved that flame


Let it redeem you refine you and cleanse you, and all will know that Name.


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