Bullied Like Broken Glass


United States
40° 41' 31.794" N, 73° 38' 51.8424" W

Broken glass at my feet.
The sound of thunder couldn't even defeat me now.
Anger strikes me like a bolt of lightning.
I understand why I feel like this now.
I was new at twelve in middle school of hell.
My hair was cut and than my brows. The shame on my face entering my home.
So I went to the beach to drown it all.
I came above the cold, cold waves and realized my shame would one day go away.
Soaked to the bone and covered in sand I walk home on a winters day and went to bed.
Depression lied quick and deep in my soul.
Had no friends because they cut me bad.
Made me look like I had no future.
I lost all hope within myself.
So as Broken glass laid at my feet not once did I cut not once did I bleed.
Instead I left school and got some help.
I beg and I plea to stand up to a bully no one ever wants to come home with cuts and bruises.
So stand today for yourself or some other,
you never know if the victim is on the edge of life or the begging of morning.
So take a stand. Stop a Bully. You are beautiful. Stop a bully, find a cure within yourself.
Make your light shine no matter what.
Dont get to far within the grey.
Let yourself shine no matter what they say.


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