A poet and her paper
Sitting here beneath the stars
And city lights shining
Writing what is on her mind.

She's the author of
The story being told
A story unfolding before your eyes
You see.

She is a poet, and she's really going places
Big dreams of someday
Being more then just a
Stay at home girl.

She's a poet a heart full of gold
And words of hope to share and
Love to give all the world yeah.

She's a poet and this is her story
Being told, a story that lasts forever
I'm sure, she is a poet
A poet and this is her life story.

As the days are unfolding so is her
Heart full of mystery but no regrets.

As she sits beneath her favourite tree
The sun shines on her
The warmth of the sun shines rays
Gently kisses her skin.

She sees her life playing like
an old time movie Slow motion and
everybody is part of her show
Yes, she is a poet a painter
Of fresh and living colours
Of a life seen from her perspective
Nobody else can see it the way that
She sees it all.

For they all see it differently to her
That's quite alright you know.

Yes, she is a poet
The poet that everybody has come to love
But she don't see her own beauty
And she don't want to have
All of the attention for herself
She knows the attention is not
Rightfully hers yes,
She is the poet, an ordinary girl
Living an extraordinary world.

She is the poet filled with love and
All the living colours
Humbled by grace upheld by love
Gives me strength when I am weak
She knows has always been there.

It's a gift from up above
It's the hands of God
that keeps her strong
It's the hands of God that
keeps her going
On and on and on.

She is the poet, this is her song
This is the story being told
She is the author, this is her story
She is a painter, she is the poet.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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