Alone With My Thoughts

I'm sitting alone with my thoughts

and everything I've ever done wrong.


The silence is burning.

It screams in my ears.


Life is overwhelming

but it's all we have here.


We have hate and mistrust.

We have love and we have lust.


There is death and hurt.

There is birth rising from the dirt.


When all I want is to quit

To be done with all of it,


There is one thing i do

That always pulls me through.


Music is there to show me the good.

To show me that life is misunderstood.


For all the bad

There is reason to be glad.


Each lyric and note

and new devote


'Til the last note holds

and my mind again folds.


I'm still sitting alone with my thoughts

and everything I could have done wrong.


There are thing I've done right

The end is in sight


It's not ready for me or you yet.



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