The Half-and-Half Girl

Some days, I am ashen-

I drag my way around,

And I will not look you in the eye.

I have no energy to do the smallest things,

And I will slump into the wall when someone gets near.

My chest siezes in yet another panic attack that will last forever

My insecurites could eat me alive and my mind won't stop it's racing.

I am crinkled and fragile and worthless and insignificant under your words

My body is filled with lead and I could sink through the floor at any moment.


But on some days, I feel golden-

I sing like a canary,

And I love everyone I meet.

I am restless and bubbly and beautiful,

And I will hug you even if you don't want me to.

My highs are at their highest and my lows are nonexistant.

I get everything done and still have time to jump in my chair.

My body is filled with helium and I could float away at any moment.

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