Lay The Rock

Wed, 03/05/2014 - 14:59 -- arepple

Arise, arise Caesar said,

as he addressed his troubled nation.

You all agree that mighty Rome,

is in need of a new foundation.

For nor you or I can dignify,

the recent struggling peace,

but you and me can oversee,

this conflict's needed cease.

Wave by wave and one by one,

the people's din became clear.

A new era in Rome has begun,

adorned in mystery and fear.

High and low and near and far,

the people came to see.

How Caesar transformed the Roman scar,

into a piece of antiquity.

When the masses settled, the forum exploded,

cause the Senators wondered why,

"Who's this man who's "power" is promoted,

and do the God's stand by?"

Then Caesar said, "Men peace draws near,

for the ones who beat damnantion,

and amongst the ruins of failure's fear,

is the bedrock of a brand new nation."

And has history has come to claim,

many a good leader's life,

Caesar the Great never live to see,

the spoils of a visionary's strife.

Nonetheless, his "bedrock" grew,

into the burndened heavy boulder.

But when Caesar left the world he knew,

his rock was carried upon his shoulder. 

As innocent a rock may appear,

such as skipping it into a stream.

That into the water, so ever-clear,

is the roots of a person's dream.

So what Caesar failed to do,

is his rock he did not lay.

So the world of black and white he knew,

when he departed, turned into grey.

So the story I'm telling, and please listen up,

because only once I will say,

even when the going gets tough, 

press the rock into the clay.

Do this once and my promise made,

if you lay this mighty rock.

For a meager "stone" will not turn to jade, 

but a sheep still needs his flock.

For together you are stronger, 

than any individual can be.

Brick by brick and stone by stone,

are later called rocks number two and three.

Lay. The. Rock. 


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