Who am I?
I'm a dreamer, I'm a realist
I'm a student, I'm a teacher
I'm a friend, I'm a sister
I am young, but I am wise
I am fearless, but reserved
I am happy, but I am worried
I'm conscientiousness, but spontaneous
I am independent and dependable
I am valiant and brave
I am impartial and keen

Who I'm not?
I am not Arrogant nor aggressive
I am not Sheltered nor spiteful
I am not Harsh nor hostile
I am not Lazy nor lifeless
I am not Envious nor exaggerated
I am not Yearning nor young-minded

Who I want to be?
A mother, a bride
A wife full of pride
A successful executive
A sensitive friend
A giver, a philanthropist
An explorer, an inquirer
A life long learner


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