Don't Dissapoint

My drive...what ignites the part of me to be the best me

My fear of  disappointment…

I wouldn't wanna spread it to anyone else,

Like a disease.

One of my greatest fears is letting people down

When, in my life, I've been let down more times than fingers on both my hands.

 I know how it feels; 

It feels heavy on the hopes brewing in your heart

What's worse?

My family sees the best in me...but do I?

I have my doubts; I'm a pessimist that way

But for me not to try anyway...what's the harm in trying anyway?

I push on...I have to prove to everyone, 

to prove to them... 

mostly to prove to me, 

That there is, in fact, value in me,

Not yet seen through my own eyes and mind.

Turn the coal that is now me and push through the ashes to the diamond

Myself...push through don’t dissapoint

Studies...push through dont dissapoint

Diabetes… push through dont dissapoint

Procrastination...push through dont disappoint

LIFE... push through…. DO NOT DISAPPOINT


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