How Do You See A Voice?


How do you see a voice?


Is it sharp and smooth?

Is it distiguished and elegant?

Is it happy and full of hope perhaps?

Does it have brown skin? Peach skin? Skin covered in freckles?

Or maybe it's old, covered in wrinkles and sitting in a creaky old rocking chair,

sitting and telling a story of it's life.


What does the voice wear?


Does it wear suits?

Or maybe a pair of jeans and a ripped band tee.

Maybe it has converse on its feet.

Or it has on a sundress and hat and goes barefoot in the summer sun, 

dancing and playing on fields of green.


Where does it live?


Does it live by a lake?

Or in a castle?

Or does it live in a cozy little cottage at the edge of a wood,

its chiminy puffing out a soft colomn of sweet smoke in the evening?


Who shows us the voice?


Quite a few do.

Look at movies like Up,

And Horton Hears A Who.

The voices have faces, whether you believe it or not.

To make up those wonders is the job that I want.


How do you see a voice? is the question;

Too few people, too fast a pace.

The question is a challenge.

And I'll make the face.


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