The Time Has Come?


Why hesitate? Is it getting late? Are you scrutinizing the clock to wait for the time in which it will shut the gate?

Why so quick? Do not fall for life’s stupid trick!

O the colossal sun, how beautifully it shines at sunrise? O the lively trees, how verdant they seem! The flowers have never been so bright after such an awful plight. The fledglings have never sung so harmoniously, and the sky blue lake is so glossy; it must be fake!

The dancing bees are buzzing as if they were in a grand soirée. The wrinkly, loving couple is passionately kissing; while the cheerful, little dog drinks the old man’s forgotten eggnog. The gleeful trees wave their long branches at me, and they laugh with much festivity. I respond with a genuine smile that will probably last for eternity.

A bash? A crash?  An explosion?  I don’t see any of this commotion.

A bomb behind my leg? Do I want you to beg? I will be dead? You will leave me here as I lay? I’m mad you say? An insane being who should be locked away? 

O Darling, I know the story of this splendid life, and I will not play its game to get washed away; I will look at the everlasting beauty with no reason to delay. 


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