As the sweet summer sun seems to melt into dust,

And the shadows appear like their living for lust,

When the life melts away from this place we call earth,

Then we gaze upon heaven and wish for rebirth.

 ‘Til the moonlight drips down like the paint from my brush,

And the twinkling of stars causes chaos to hush,

We stare up to the clouds, where our spirits will meet,

And we ask from the Gods to grant us something sweet.

To be young, to be wild, to live on the edge,

As we wander so freely, sit perched on the ledge

Of these years, we dream, wanting what we cannot gain,

But we push ourselves onward and try to obtain.

We stare into each other and ask ourselves, why

Must we strive to reach breaking while learning to fly?

Because life is a journey, and fragile at best,

But it’s what we do with it that passes the test.

As we climb up the rungs of this ladder we’ve built,

We look down at our houses, so small, without guilt.

And the sun warms our faces, it brightens our view.

Stronger, we’ve built skyscrapers, and risen, anew. 


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