You see my child we all want to fly 

Some of us are just a bit shy  

And we have these beautiful wings  

But all we do is deny  

We hear the birds sing  

As they glide up in the air so high  

We know where we belong, it's up in the air  

But we are content with just our longing stare  

Though more beautiful wings there have never been a pair  

The joy of those happy birds we could share  

But we settle for shrugging it off, and pretending we don’t care  

Because you see these people always laugh  

When they see those strong wings flap 

Knowing that you have something they lack 

So that’s what they do, they laugh and they laugh  

Trying to make you feel like less than you are  

All they do is shout and point out each and every scar  

Even though all of them can see that you are a star  

But they will never admit, and they will never quite 

They will not stop till every drop of hope they take 

And every ounce of faith they shake 

And all these ugly images of you they will create  

But now this is where you show how strong you can be  

You can fly higher and faster than they have ever seen  

And when they see what you can do they will think it a dream  

They tried so hard to tie you down  

But in the end you will gain your crown  

And people will see for miles around  

That hope can never be drowned 

So look my child, listen close and learn 

No words or actions can ever stop those who yearn  

And nothing can stand in the way of hopes power 

Even though mockery rains down in a shower 

They hate what you are because you are more than they will ever be  

So hold fast to your wings and look at them with glee  

So my child go now to the sky  

Up my child, take your wings, and fly. 


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