Why I write


I write because

This Puerto Rican on Def Poetry Jam

Told me about the county of Kings.

I wanted to see if I could slam

Poetry like my mom does on cool nights,

Leaving the house so she can

Speak truth into open mics.

I want to pour life into words,

Then toss them into the sky,

Watch as they become the breeze keeping birds afloat.

I write so I can rock the boat.

You know, shake things up a bit.

You gain mad cool points if you can spit poetry.

I want to be cool enough for Mos Def to introduce me on HBO,

Let millions watch my poetic capabilities grow,

I’ll let’em know that

I can fly higher than an eagle,

‘Cause they are the wind beneath my wings.

I’ll sing to them.

Not like sing, sing,

But string my words together like melodies,

Wholesome harmonies,

Place them on a white canvas and…

I don’t know…

I guess I write because I need focus.

I need something to hold me down

When nobody else will.

I write when reality has my face to the ground

And I don’t know what to feel.

I write because

I don’t want my words to flow through me.

I write them so they can cut through you.

Bleed out the lies so I can enlighten you with truth.

Well, scratch that.

I’m not a top notch poet,

But if you’re in need of creativity

I will gladly bestow it upon you

With my words,

Syllables bloated with double meanings

And hidden messages.

That Shakespeare shit is for the birds,

But I’m not about to lie like he didn’t bring me

Nights of inspiration.

The same kind that burns in my chest when I

Listen to that poet Lemon

Tell me about where he’s from,

The county of Kings.

And my heart sings

When Shihan tells me about this type love.

I get goose bumps listening to Carlos Andrés Gómez

Recite “Juan Valdez.”

But, when do I write?

Why do I write?

I write when I’m lost,

I write when I’m found.

I write because creation is the only thing

Making this world go ‘round.


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