Everybody knows or they just don't know me and this is my story


And I'm still thinking why. . . Why did god chose me for this struggle on my journey

Who am I, why does my appearance gives the right to judge me.

Lies never been told; just rumors you heard about me

is it my color skin, how could you just put dirt on my name as if i was inferior,

my intellectual mind brings A's and B's to the table.

Hold on to your words I don't belong to fame, procrastinating calling me names.

Yes, I'm a closet nerd, I'm just a survivor with glory sanctified.

Misguided but strong and loyal that for you I would stand in the rain outside,

people keep telling me you a soldier never give up: keep you head up homie never look back.

People keep asking me what did i not mention;

I ask myself where did I go wrong and then I realized it was when I went from backpack to binder

didn't realized the harm I was doing to myself and my brothers

committed and humble,

I was the role model

but what is their to say just a life that was mistaken by the wicked evil

but it was my past and it seems its catching up to me

doors are closing now were do I head out since theirs no light around me

I cant see but I hear things and is the devil speaking

no guidance no help but yet I got myself stranded walking blinded

I remember them days that caused a changed on my behavior, my experience lead to hate so I became cold hearted

anger was my expression,

was it the way out for me to say that "I can't take it"

different mentality kinda insane, strong, weak and confused about faith

their was times that I couldn't sleep at night

but it had it's reason depression was right by my side.

Now y'all by-standards and I know who I am and what my goal is; nothing new to expect that their you go again talking things that you ain't heard of me.


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