To Her:


Keep this one dear to your heart

Cause this ain't a car that you gotta pushstart

Now in the beginning God made man

No doubt in my my mind that God had a plan

A couple seconds later out came Eve

Now I realize beauty is what men would see

I might be off my track to be talking like this

But real talk this one is the main dish

Love has brushed my shoulder once or twice Not like this

I can't tell lies Across the room was a star so bright

that even in the day her star shined 

Now what I'm telling you sounds like the remnants of a wife

But I'm much happier knowing we exist in each others life

It took me two months to suck it up and talk to you

That moment turned It was hard to be cool

butterflies where ever they rest Gave me the courage to tell you my best

Comparison to a girl would be unflattering

I would fly to space to get you one of Saturn's rings

It wasn't just beauty that drew me in

It was the sense of humility and wit that ignited my spark again

Only this time the spark would never out

For knowing that you are happier is like rain to a drought

L.O.V.E I already knew that

Because as Christ's children we already do that

But there is a special type that connects a woman and a man

Its the kind that makes the Canyons just Grand

To wrap up this mini show of affection

I choose you my number one selection


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