Sun, 07/13/2014 - 02:31 -- YETTIIE

I woke up with the thought of you,
When it asked me when you'll return,
I smiled and said but were through,
It said well tell him to make a u-turn,
I told you he doesn't want anything to do with you,
How can that be so he said I was his princess,
It cried and said but he was my boo,
but its time to let go of all that's worthless,
I know I said looking at it all bloodied,
The pulse increase I think its going in cardiac arrest,
How can you do this I said?
If only he were here then all would be at best,
Please wake up the beeping is fading,
I'm trying but the cracks keeps getting wider,
The doctors are hopelessly grading,
Wake up,wake up I said,
It doesn't reply,
My heart fails, the beeping stops,
A sense of remorse fills the room,
All hope is gone, he runs in and screams NO
It hears from 100,000 miles away,
The beeping starts,
Its alive they screamed,
Its a miracle I said no his just my oracle.

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