The Growth Of A Young Lady

I used to be all giggles and laughs and gay

Until death and sickness took my family away

Then razors and demented things became my friends

I thought that's how my story would end


I was living in a haze

Not eating for days

I began to wither

And my soul grew bitter

Those whom I loved could only watch

As the little girl they knew became a botch


I began to despise my reflection

To the world and people around me, I felt no connection

One day I awoke from my daze

And realized the fruitage true happiness pays


I smiled more often

And my heart began to soften

I had grown tired of seeing myself

So each day I strived to become an improved someone else


My days became sunnier

And little things became funnier

Now I'm all giggles and laughs and gay

My family, who loves me, is here to stay


Afterthought: May we all continue to grow. Let your past be like a box; big enough to be a reminder of what you have unpacked, but certainly not something to live in. That's what a home and the present are for.



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