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I believe there are more than a lot of ways you can die.
But through my eyes there is only one way to live life.
You gotta live it to the fullest but not eat it all away.
And make sure you don't continue down the path of Chick-Fil-A.
In regards to the line prior to that and being open to everybody's views.
I'm pretty sure we all want to someday but don't end up on the news.
Everybody has dreams that they believe are impossible.
But they are too busy dreaming instead of making them possible.
Now see me i was the one growing up that was always shy and always wanted to find a way to reach out. Now as a young man there is so much more i can do but there are people that look to me for reaching out.
A leader has to know how to follow, create and improve a legacy.
I'm going through that process as I'm synthesizing this piece so I'm a lego see.
Creating connections from one block to the next and to build an amazing structure of success.
I am the foundation for other legos that will be part of their own structure of success.
Hopefully they all design a plan that will bring them in an excess of rewards.
And become greater than i am destined to be and not have to answer to a ward.
The fastest way to reach success is through unjust actions but that isn't the right or the best way.
Selling drugs, robbing, killing, etcetera don't allow you to get to the top they just give you money for play.
Those are immoral ways to try and reach success but money is not what success is defined by.
Being able to work happily, feed yourself and family, and take care of them are versions of success if you try.
As long as you do it through moral ways and not be unjust about your decisions through your life.
Like our government systems letting bad people get away and chaining down righteous individuals as if it was still black below white.
Which i don't believe it should or ever have been because we are all different but still two of the same parallel lines one above the other.
I'll let that one sink into your ocean of confusion as if it were the titanic because it definitely caused a bother.



I appreciate the considerable amount of time you must have spent writing this piece. We should all find a moral foundation to stand by. I really like the part about being greater than you are destined to be. Keep on writing and growing your Lego foundation.

DaCosta Leading

Thank you I really appreciate the support

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