The Bristles of a Brush

It's easy to paint, they say

It's easy to draw, paint, and sketch without thinking

Thinking about nothing

Nothing that turns into, perhaps



It's not as easy as you think

If only if you wouldn't blink

But try to actually see what I think


I think about what to paint on a blank canvas

A blank canvas that draws onto my breath

A breath that I can never take back

And never take away

But how can I breathe, when there is no more breath?

How can you expect art to be as easy

How can you expect inspiration to come fast

To not face battles that devour you inside out


Conflict rises as the brush becomes slow

Slower than I ever thought it could, though

Inspiration takes time

Time takes passion

Passion takes bliss

Bliss takes Focus

But focus, takes minds

Takes control of what to think and whether or not you should move that brush one more inch

Just to see it run out of paint?


You see, inspiration takes time

And for me, I see

Time, takes, time

Time is a monster, and yet time is a gift

Gifts. Everyone has a gift.

Paint. Draw. Sketch. Write. Read. Run. Walk. 


We must learn.


Learn about every bristle you move on your brush,

The reation it makes, the chain it will create


Every step you take when you run

Every time you take a breath

Every waking moment you spend

We learn


Learn what moves your paint,

What created your colors, not others

Because others won't try to learn your colors unless you try to learn your own first


First, you find the paint

Then, you apply it

After, you rewrite it

And change the meaning of it

By expressing yourself through the picture painted

That you created

All for yourself to show a story

For you, and nobody else to show glory


Find your paint

Find your passion

Find your inspiration

But most importantly,


Find what we must learn.



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Our world
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This poem represents possibility, and the amount of opportunities that only you need to focus on. And to not let anyone drag you down, or push you away from who you want to be, and who you aspire to be.

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