Heartbreak like No Other. . .

Nothing was the same

& heart's the one to blame.

This tattoo that said "Dream Boo" on my heart,

Will only tear me apart.

Every little thing was perfect to begin.

Should I let through my depression ?

You were my scary inspiration.

There was nothing new about you,

Except for someone new.

I never wanted you to be

The end of me. . .


"Dear Heart,

Next time please step aside

& let my mind decide

For whom I fall."


"Dear Eyes,

Please don't let these tears out.

Not now.

This feeling is so undefined,

It had me blind."


"Dear Feet,

Should I move quickly,

Or should I keep moving discretely ?"


"Dear Arms,

Please don't fall weak

If a hug still leaks

To me, from him.

I know how he hugged me &

My worries died,

& loneliness flies,

But he's with her tonight."


"Dear Lips,

I apologize for not getting a

Taste of his.

Not even one kiss. . ."


"Dear Ears,,

We've been told 'It never hurts to dream',

Next time,

Don't listen & we'll be fine,"


"Dear Mind,

Please remind me i was never his official girl.

Help me forget the things he used to say.

Remind me he's with her,

& away."


Miracle would have been a "you & me".

Miracle would be if you realize,

& for you to see,

How much you're worth,

& mean to me.


Never have I cried

For any other guy.

Can't wait till I get through this phase.

I wish it would have been

All just a daze. . .


written: 11.14.13



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