A Night at the Lake

Laying on the soft earth, looking out onto the lake,

I see the universe’s glory within reach,

The moon’s beauty and the star's radiance are mine to take

I get up and walk to the lake to see what existence has to teach


Kneeling down I caress the water’s surface

Ripples cause the stars to rearrange and I begin to see my creation

Holding the results of God’s labor in my hands, I decide their true place

Time to satiate this inner starvation


I grab a simple twig, and on the lake's surface I move planets, galaxies

To make her being, a being of everlasting grace and perfection within imperfection

For imperfection is perfection in mine eyes that only her, it sees

Growth from friendship, to caring, to boundless love and affection


I grab two suns to make her eyes,

Eyes that stare and burn their imprint on my being

From joy, the angels send their cries

They cannot fathom what they are seeing


With swaying arms, I orchestrate the stars to make a smile,

The smile that brings light to my darkest of nights

With its very existence, God’s rule it defiles

From this pit of sin, that light will help me reach great heights


With my masterpiece complete, I notice that all things come to an end

I dive headfirst into the vast darkness of existence

Achieving my goal for time to bend

Past, present, future, love knows no tense.

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