Fall Is Here


 In such a serial back yard, no wind or leaves rustling, an expecting squirrel waits in her nest, being frozen by the cool brisk air. A baby bunny hopping from grass patch to grass patch, then dead still hoping that the squirrel will not come into harms way. Birds in the aspen, flutter as if to fly, but staying stationary. Somewhere in the distance, geese can be heard, squawking as if to say, “You can do it!”  A gust of wind carries the flag back and forth, giving a slight whoosh sound to the air. The brilliant shades of cherry red, mocha brown, and sunburst orange leaves rustle in the wind, creating a calm, soothing atmosphere. I take a deep breath, in wafts a fresh, cool, rusty, breeze, with the slightest hint of apples and cinnamon possible in it. The chimes ring as the wind carries the sound, weaving in and out of the trees. The pale shades of purple, pink, yellow, and orange, sneak their way through the tall, pointed, snow capped, mountains as the sun sets. The shadows start to lurk out from behind the barren trees, as if to be monsters coming out of a child’s closet. Thus, creating a sense of urgency through out the animals to get back to their families before all light is gone from the day. All it takes to disrupt the peace of a cool autumn evening, is a single jet airplane, taking off from the international Airport, bringing everyone back to the technological age we live in today.


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