Troubled Love


To know that someone who used to love you with all their heart and all their being and now they don't.

To know that you were once pretty much their whole world and to know now you're not.

For your feelings to have not budged and inch but for theirs to have leaped miles in a second.

To not know who they are or who you are anymore.

To lose your best friend.

To lose a whole piece of your heart that you'll never be able to fully gain back no matter what happens.

To always worry, if you do end up getting back together, that he'll run away again at the first sign of difficulty in your future.

To not be able to stop crying.

To have to always hide your face, for it is raw and red from constantly sobbing.

To not been able to enjoy anything you have done.

To have your world torn apart and thrown into a million teeny tiny pieces that you will never recover.

To need to get your mind off of your past but because he is your past.

For him to be all you can think of.

Being tired of hurting.

Needing to be done hurting.

Tired of being reminded of what it was like to have always been able to rely on him and to know he would always be there to hold your hand every step of the way.

To know this is to know pain.

For he will forever hold captive my heart.

The heart that will forever be his...


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