Damaged Boxes

Connections, synapses
Outlandish birds living in the center of corrugated cardboard villages,
Wind and the rain dissolving their trusted homes,
They stay
Hoping they will grow back,
Not realizing its temporal nature

Brain Damage—
temporary loss
of your corrugated body,
Heads roll down the alleyways
Pluming thoughts that set soaked villages on fire

They construct another corrugated cardboard village
Where outlandish bird’s thoughts plume,
The insanity of restarting
over and over
does not occur
Too much damage was done

They never see what the corrugated cardboard boxes used to be
Trees sprouting one hundred feet,
sky invisible through laced branches and thatched leaves
Collections of sustainable sanity

Maybe they see the trees,
They understand the corrupt
self-destructive tendencies

They are hopelessly hoping that
endless routine
over and over
Will regrow corrugated cardboard villages


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