The Memory of a Father


If minutes passed like hours,

you'd never have gone away. 

If love could counter death, 

forever with me you'd stay. 

If tears could heal the broken,

sadness no one would feel.

Yet here's a tale of sadness,

that couldn't be more real.

no one was given warning, 

no sign of impending doom.

Yet now it is storming,

and only depression looms.

We never saw it coming, 

not even when you were gone. 

We'll never understand, 

how everything went so wrong.

You were fine in the morning,

then died in your sleep.

now forever you will live

in our humble memories.

A father's love is genuine,

Holding forever pure.

And even though we miss you,

You no longer will endure

The pain and suffering of earth

Nor shall you ever need

For heaven wants for nothing

And all live happily.


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