He had to save her

That was all

Plain and simple

Stumbling across a dark landscape

Pitch black water on either side

Begging to swallow him whole

Wrapping around his ankles with cold hands

The water tugs

And tugs

He coughs hard

Shakes his legs as he goes

Anything to feel warmth









His foot has no grip

His step forward lost

He now falls to the ground

Or does the ground move towards him?

It is hard to tell here


He starts

He is lying on his back

And he is so so cold

Water embraces him all to eagerly

It clings to him as he sits up

This cold feels like death

Death is in his face

Breathing slowly into his face

He has go get up



Can’t give up now

No sun has risen

He doesn’t have to see where he is going

He knows

One bright orange thread

Lays within him

Connecting her to him

Him to her

All he has to do is tug it

Hold on and pull

It tells him where he needs to go



The thread is cut by a shadow

Darker than dark


He reaches

His hands find nothing

But the black wall

The darker than dark

What has come between them?

There is a burning behind him

He turns to see a flame disguised as a person

They smile

“Love is stupid,  I wouldn’t go looking for it if I were you”

He says nothing

Sparks leap in the flames false eyes

“I see how it is”

They spread their doll hands wide

“You want some light”

He can no longer see

It is too bright

The world hurts

The water is too hot now

The world burns

He curses the flame

If it is still there

But he finds his thread

Unobstructed once again



He does not find her



He does not stop

His blood feels strange

Now he stops

It seems to be moving too slowly

He can feel it lethargically

Creep creep creeping

Through his veins

What is this?

Then his blood stops

And he sees only red

Until a dark silhouette emerges

Black outline

No defining features

“What is your cause?”

A voice with no origin asks

He lets his heart answer for him

As it tries to beat

“Love, very shallow”

“Should I let you continue?”

He thinks only of that orange thread

He will not stop for anything now

His blood flows again


He breathes



There are stars above him

Ocean around him

It does not touch him

And he sees

He see


Life itself

He loves her

The thread bunches up as he embraces her


He is living

And he loves



This poem is about: 
Our world


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