Opulent Grounds

I was a mummy


My bandages unraveled

My heart disintegrated

Into bits of dust and ash

Of which particulate the atmosphere

I have burnt in the fire of addiction in my family


I was a traitor


I abandoned my residence in Southern Maryland

My heart is buried beneath the sand

The sun brushed my face in war paint

Dredging my feet through the water,

I left my home behind


I am a dancer


Perspiration coated my body during auditions

My legs kicked higher than my GPA

I long to perform-

More than I need my heart to beat

Although overlooked by judges

And neglected by the team

I proceed to dance on my own


I am opulent


I walk a ground abundant in a bed of blushed roses

Seeking roads of riches

Superior to the being I once was

My responsibility is unescapable

For I conquer catastrophe

And vanquish over tragedy


I am sovereignty

I am beautifully faceted

I am not despair

This poem is about: 
My family
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