Born Again, Die Again


Born Again, Die Again

For whether it be the light of good or darkness of evil

We go our own way down the path that we call life

There is a time in our eras that we must make difficult decisions

Decisions that may otherwise change our paths completely

Or become decisions that may take or give a life we should not be in control of

And yet we do and do not control such things for those of us who are

Born Again, Die Again

We contemplate such awful actions when we are near death

But while we live, we live in only the moment where those cautious minds are not needed

So are we to question ourselves?

Are we to be cautious while we live? Or make every day our last day?

Yet we cannot ponder such questions for we will dive into a black hole

For if we give into wanting the knowledge we do not need for what we do not have we’ll say

Born Again, Die Again

And we wonder why the unknown, why that bleak empty space is so haunting

But yet we know the unknown is always scary so we live to learn

But what we learn is that we’ll never know every piece of information we would like to learn

And so we live in fear, but fear is not the enemy, it’s what makes us human

Those same fears and other such emotions make us flawed in the perfect manner

For whatever or whoever we lose we continue to live on in a world of Chaos, where we are

Born Again, Die Again




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