Circle Of Black


Listen to me, oh Muse, and help me tell the story

Of the young man with great determination.

The one who worked for years on a single goal

To turn his belt the darkest of all colors.

He learned the ways and forms of the distant art,

Trying everything he could to imitate it.

For the art is foreign to him

And he must learn to understand it.

Though the man with much knowledge guided his quest

It was him all alone that will face the test.

There were other men of courage with him,

Striving towards the untouchable goal.

We were all together, yet alone, for no one could help another.

The man with great determination at times became weak,

Even quitting from his goals and running away.

But through the power of the gods

He returned to his prize with more strength than ever.

After many long years of blood, sweat, and tears,

He set foot on the blue mats, exposed without his belt.

He was given a new weapon,

One that could be used around the globe

And has been for centuries.

He was given the belt of darkness, the one so many wanted.

Now he stands in a new family, a powerful family

Who never leaves a companion behind

And fights for the greater good.

A community of leaders, a group of weapons,

A family of black belts.


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