Stories that Rise Like Ocean Breezes and Sink Like Smooth Stones

My voice carries most when I sing, 

Warming my throat and painted toes.


It is a visceral and spiritual experience for me.


I watch as sweet melodies paint the night sky,

And the ocean breezes leave my skin salty and hair tangled- 

Reminding me of my story in the Pacific.


I am carefree. 

And all of the words that I once struggled to express,

Come flying out of my mouth like

The hummingbirds that live near the evergreens in my backyard.

Their metallic green wings glimmer excitedly 

Just as my veins rush and pulse with energy.


The musical notes that fill my core give me my voice.

They trace the outline of the Cascades 

Before sinking to the bottom of the Puget Sound like smooth stones.

There they remain like tiny thoughts-

Forever preserved among sea creatures.


Singing to me feels as natural as 








And reminds me that every voice regardless-

Carries its own melody and story.

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