The glass is half empty


I see a glass half empty,

empty? isnt that bad?

but isnt it better than for it to be full?

if it were full, there wouldnt be space.

Space needed to be filled with ideas

space for memories

space for loved ones

space for growing

isn't that what we all need?

just space?

there is no perfection

we are who we are

we get happy 

we get sad

we are humans.

there is no better you

you are the best

you are beautiful

and someone out there loves you

we need these reminders

these motivations

these stories

that help us keep going

move forward

and move on

we don't need negativity,

we need space,

to show how much we've accomplished

to show how much we've grown

to show them we are better than ever.

just space.

we have yet so much to do

but time speeds up.

I don't think the glass should ever be half full.











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