Who Do They Fear?

There are a lot of people that Fear what they don't know,
The questions then turn into aggressions leaving them stuck in a hatred zone.
Why must people fear the original and the different?
When the normality is no longer the everyday standard of life, we are quick to judge and kill it away,...
It's as if we are still living in a cavern of old customs that used to fit the traditional standard,....
Everyone should have the right to be who they want to be,regardless if it's right or wrong.
Who are we to tell them what decisions to make and how to make them,..
The most we can do is give advice and hopefully they will find the right path.

Life shouldn't have to be based around materialistic ideas and people,
Life should be based around the soul and the happiness that comes within,..
Without happiness there is no faith for life, and without faith, there is no expression for being your own individual.
Open your eyes and see that the different is still the normality of today's society.
The normality of living is the pursuit of happiness,...

So to all those who are different,keep it up,...
They only fear you because they don't know you.
Eventually they will catch on, and accept the fact your only doing you for you.


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