Robert Velez

Robert Velez

Sissel South


Inspiration comes from all of us.

But we all have that connected heart.

I'm estatic I'm connected to yours.

But there's someone I'm more thrilled for.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

inspiration comes from within all of us to share our stories

it's an honor that you title this poem my name, i'm very humble to be an influence to you

it's about being a community where we can talk/address topics in utilizing poetry as an art form to express ourselves

thank you for the shoutout


I wish I could have done it in a greater way than a simple poem just as this.

~Sissel South


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

it was the thought that matters

again, i;m very humble that i inspire you

my hopes is that my poems continue to infuse aspiration to your life


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