My Love

I just want someone who will be simply content by my side. Someone smart and funny. Who will be happy having me, flaws and all. He doesn't have to have this top notch job or the greatest looks. After all, it's the thoughts that counts, right? 
I want someone who is willing to pass his days with occasional disagreements and misunderstandings and still be unwavering in his love. Someone who cheers me up in the most romantic way when I'm in my darkest time, and I in return. Someone who accepts me. Who is willing to be with me. Someone who doesn't need much in his life to be happy - just a good job and a warm home will do. 
And we will travel together, be immature together, make dumb mistakes together, share a home together, have kids together. Live together. Stay together. 
Him and I. 
We'd be happy.


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