Upholding the Legacy

I have a dream

And as I say these words, I feel the word dream fade away

The nightmare takes its place and the only thing we dream of is a new dawn

And I’m not talking about it breaking in two parts—Twilight

                                Fright is the only thing that fills our heads because the only thing that we’re worried about is ‘Why is that white dude over there wearing dreads?’

It’s a brand new reality

An opportunity to be free and we’ve been bound for so long because we hold onto the chains

                                It rains—

                                                A night filled with gloom and doom and status quo and everyone is choosing to turn their heads and just go with the flow

Oh really?

                                And this is the dream you think King was talking about?

You think he wanted a still separated generation with some of us still filled with hatred and doubt

But for what?!?

So we can play along with our ancestors,

Be used as the devil’s jesters,

 and continue to let our ignorance be festering wounds


Yes, the dream has faded away but I’m encouraging you today to stand up and not be defeated by the hate, lies, and prejudice that plague our nation

                Because as I am sure that you know,

                                                                                We are the NOW generation!


We are the ones that stand here in packs

Proclaiming God’s name and passing out tracks, but if someone looks different than us,

We are the first to turn our back 


WE are the ones who desire to be sent out to the streets and the countries

But we choose to stay separated—

                                A city on our knees


And don’t get me started about some of us, maybe all of us claiming to be filled with the Holy Spirit, a community that’s close knit with all of the yarn that’s the same color and as soon as there just one tiny spot,

                                                                You go around yelling and throwing a fit


Because we are a CHOSEN generation,

And a ROYAL priesthood,

A HOLY nation, and



We cannot claim to have the light of God in us if we do not shed light to the darkness at hand—

                                                And just in case you’re still wondering

                                                Let me help you understand:



We need to come together and stop being afraid.

It is not the time of fear, brothers and sisters.

It is not the time of uncertainty, doctors and preachers.

It is a time we honor the lives that were laid,

Because if we don’t—

                                                We forget the PRICE that was paid


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