Poetry Slam


Writin' this for Power Poetry,

Hopin' that they notice me,

And I hope to see this scholarship,

Cause man these loans,

They make me sick,

Emptied pockets,

I mean it's only my 2nd year and I' m already in debt,

Thinkin' if this will be a regret,

But no,

The assumption is that the owed money is the incentive,

And I'm findin it kinda hard not to resent it,

Hopefully one day I'll get I'll get it,

Till then I'll keep it positive,

Cause ain't nothing wrong with increasing ya knowledge kids,

No more actin' immature,

Keepin' an open mind so I can open many doors,

Hopin' to find the right grind so I can stop hustlin with chores,

Fate, Faith, and Positivity,

It's all I really need to get over this thought of these dues n debt,

So I have no intentions of sweatin it,

Because essentially what's meant to be is meant to be,

So regardless if I get this college money,

I ain't stressing see,

I just hope you read this and found it a little funny



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